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ProCARE is the answer you've been looking for to help get your body back in business!

Whether you have experienced a severe accident or fall or suffer from chronic pain, we can help to alleviate pain and correct any nerve interruption and misalignments that may lead to further problems.

Dr. Scotting is experienced in determining the root cause of physical symptoms, and customizing a care plan that will provide pain relief, correct the problem, and also prevent recurring injuries in the future.

Injury & Pain Care

Sports Injury Care

Car Accident Injuries

At Grand Junction's ProCare, we see and treat many car accident injury patients. Thousands of car accidents occur every day, resulting in back pain, neck pain and other frustrating symptoms. A car accident injury when treated immediately can prevent more serious injuries from occurring.


We believe that no one deserves to live with chronic pain, and we use natural, non-invasive methods to treat some of the most common car accident injuries. One of the most frequent injuries is whiplash, which occurs in the sudden impact of a collision. Whiplash symptoms include stiffened neck muscles and neck pain that usually appear within the days and weeks that follow an accident. Whiplash can increase in severity with time, eventually causing the buildup of scar tissue, as well as recurring headaches and migraines.

Back injuries, like herniated discs, are also frequent among car accident victims. In a collision, it is not uncommon for the spine to become improperly aligned or even compressed. This can cause a pinched nerve, sciatica and chronic back pain. Auto accident back injuries can be mild, severe, or somewhere in between, but all need the attention of a doctor experienced in car accident injury treatment. If you're in pain and suffering, make an appointment to find out how we can help!

Sports are good for the body, but they are commonly the cause of athletic related injuries. We believe that when given the help and physical guidance of our team at ProCARE, the body is capable of recovering on its own without causing long-term pain or mobility problems.


Although any part of the body may become injured during athletic activity, some areas are more vulnerable than others. For example, our office sees many knee injuries, as the knees are an important component in most active sports. Activities like running, jumping and falling can all cause knee injuries, which need careful rehabilitation to make a complete recovery.


Tennis elbow is another common injury we see at our office. Tennis elbow is common among football players, tennis players, swimmers and baseball players, and it can occur as a result of repetitive motion or overexertion. The tendons may become inflamed, and extending the elbow can become painful. We help tennis elbow injury patients isolate pain and symptoms, address the injury and work towards them making a complete recovery.


Sports Injuries

Many of the sports injury patients who visit our office complain of neck pain or back pain as a result of their injuries. This is often a sign of a spinal subluxation or disc herniation, which can be treated using gentle, but firm manual spinal adjustments. Chiropractic care is most effective when used repeatedly over time, although many patients begin experiencing immediate relief from back pain and neck pain after just a few visits. In addition to chiropractic care, physical therapy is a treatment regimen of motion exercises designed to challenge muscles and tendons, as well as restore flexibility to stiff joints.


Physical therapy exercises are always customized to our patients' individual needs, and they are most effective when performed both in office and at home. As our patients begin to regain mobility, we adjust the exercises to become increasingly challenging until complete mobility and motion range is restored.

Neck Pain & Whiplash

Back Pain & Herniated Discs

Knee Injuries & Rehabilitation

Shoulder Pain & Tennis Elbow

Foot Pain & Ankle Injury

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Pain Relief

After receiving several chiropractic adjustments I could immediately tell something had changed. Now, after 4 years of continued chiropractic care, my migraines have disappeared entirely, and my body can now handle the stresses of life. Dr. Scotting is so easy to talk to and really listens.

Mike K - Marketing Manager


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