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Your ProCARE Team

Dr. Ryan Scotting


Dr. Scotting is proud to have helped families and individuals regain their health for nearly 20 years. He is a chiropractic physician, a board certified clinical nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner. His passion is to help his patients regain their health through Structural, Nutritional and Lifestyle Medicine.

Initially starting as a civil engineer, Dr. Scotting has an insatiable appetite for problem solving and gaining knowledge on how to better the health of his clients. This hunger for knowledge is his guiding light, and has grown into what we offer at ProCARE.

By helping patients identify the root cause of their disease and giving them the tools to regain their health, Dr. Scotting is able to not only compliment his patient’s current healthcare, but to fill the gaps left by conventional medicine.

In his spare time, Dr. Scotting enjoys boating, skiing and traveling as well as activities with family and friends.  He is proud to say he has hiked the highest peak in Colorado (Mt. Elbert at 14.322 ft), competed in several sprint triathlons, and showed in a recent physique body building event.

Shala MacQuoid, NCMT

Nationally Certified Massage Therapist

Shala developed a passion for massage therapy and alternative health care while attending the Arizona School of Massage Therapy in Phoenix. It has been 14 years since she realized providing therapy to others was her calling. Shala has witnessed the healing effects of therapeutic massage many times over and loves sharing those benefits with others. She specializes in pain management therapies including; Sports/Injury and Deep Tissue/Trigger Point Release. She is also well educated in relaxation therapy techniques including; Swedish, Prenatal and more. Shala maintains a National Certification and has received continuing education in the areas of Sciatica Relief and Anxiety Relief techniques. As a wife and mother of two, in her spare time she enjoys reading, outdoor activities, and pursuing the many aspects of exercise, health, and overall wellness. Shala loves being an important part of the ProCARE team and continues to build long term therapeutic relationships with the ProCARE community.


Clinic Director

Jacqui was first introduced to alternative health care as a teenager while suffering from severe headaches. The recurring pain did not seem normal to her and taking medication was not a viable option. After starting chiropractic treatment and being adjusted several times, the headaches went away. She was now able to pursue her schooling at Colorado Mountain College and Mesa State College.In 2000, Jacqui was offered the chance to work with Dr. Scotting following his graduation from the Palmer College.  She began as a therapy tech and progressed to an x-ray tech and assisted in examinations. She has attended many different seminars over the years pertaining to x-rays, orthotics, office management and completed a recent Certification in Science Based Nutrition as well as Ideal Protein weight loss coaching.  Jacqui has worked with Dr. Scotting for nearly 20 years and has enjoyed watching the office grow and become a place that offers alternative answers in healthcare. In her spare time, she is a committed wife and mother while staying passionate about wellness and exercise.


Chiropractic Assistant

Chelsie is a local of the Grand Valley, graduating from Central High School in 2011.  She took a detour for seven months in Casper, WY and soon realized that Colorado is where she needed to be.

Chelsie was first introduced to chiropractic in early 2013 when her dad prompted her to go.  Unfortunately it was because she was in an auto accident where she got rear ended and injured her neck.  However, Chelsie experienced great progress and healing during her chiropractic care so when she saw a job opening with ProCARE, she decided to apply.

At ProCARE, Chelsie has been exposed to all of the great benefits of chiropractic and massage.  She loves seeing and hearing the testimonials of better lives because of what we do here.  She has attended chiropractic assistant educational seminars and received a certification in Science Based Nutrition too.  She is very excited to continue her education and career with Dr. Scotting and the ProCARE team! 


Operations Manager

Heidi has received regular chiropractic care since she was an infant. She was born in Iowa while her father completed his Doctor of Chiropractic Education at Palmer College, the same school Dr. Scotting attended. Heidi has had the opportunity to attend many different seminars over the years pertaining to health, nutrition, supplements, chiropractic and office management. She has had specific education to perform Electromyography (EMG) and Spinal Thermography and is certified in Science Based Nutrition protocols. She enjoys being at the office to see and hear all the positive comments from clients as they progress with Dr. Scotting. Heidi maintains the ProCARE marketing in print and on Facebook from the home office and stays organized with bookkeeping, payroll and office operations. When away from the office, Heidi saves time for her family; hiking with her Mom and Aunt on some of the local trails and doing home or yard projects with her husband. She loves time with friends at the pool and enjoys seasonal activities around the area including tennis, golf, wake-boarding & skiing.

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We are a Whole Health Practice that truly cares for our patients' health and well being.  We are the professionals that have helped clients for 20 years with Structural, Nutritional and Lifestyle Medicine as well as Weight Loss and Massage.

Come discover the ProCARE difference!


Dr. Ryan Scotting accreditations include being Board Certified in Clinical Nutrition DCBCN, a CCEP (Certified Chiropractic Extremities Practitioner), CCSP (Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner), an SBN (Science Based Nutrition) certification and many continued education hours in business management, technique, nutrition, supplements, stretches, and exercises.

With his DCBCN, Dr. Scotting is specially educated in nutritional analysis via blood tests, hair analysis, urine and stool samples (all draws & processing done at a local laboratory). This analysis comes with a comprehensive multiple page findings report regarding your health precursors for internal functionality and deficiencies. Dr. Scotting reviews the details with you and retests over time to see the beneficial changes.

We offer massage with Shala MacQuoid our NCMT (Nationally Certified Massage Therapist). We carry foot orthotic inserts, two different specialized cervical pillows, and physician grade (guaranteed pure) nutritional supplements.

ProCARE offers many payment plans for those with or without insurance. 

We process all insurances. Your insurance benefits are checked for you at your first visit.

About ProCARE

"Dr. Scotting is very gentle and knowledgeable about how our bodies move & what we need in order to remain healthy and active. He genuinely cares about helping people live healthier."

- Linda E.

“He’s great. I would definitely recommend

seeing him.”

"From my first visit I was impressed by how thorough he was!  Everyone is extremely friendly and truly cares!”

“It has helped to relieve headaches, helped me sleep better. I feel better and have more energy. They are very personable and you never have to wait long.”

“Dr. Scotting is the best I have ever been to and his office is always upbeat and positive.”

“He is a kind, caring, sympathetic doctor who listens to your needs.”


- Bill A.

- Amber R.

- Ashley C.

- Mark A.

- Linda S.


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